System engineering propulsions projects (SEPP) group

Overview: The goal of this group is to give students experience in working on teams of multiple disciplines, to engineer from concept to proof of concept virtually a viable propulsion system from atmospheric and vacuum operations, and to give them hands-on experience with software and systems that they will see if their industry after graduation like Solidworks, AGI, Ansys, etc. But how does it work? You propose an idea on the slack channel and you have people that are interested in joining in. You become the project leader. You create your own timeline, deadlines, standards, and minimums of development. Once you have finished developing your system virtually and have a working model, you and your team will present your project in a professional presentation that will be recorded and put on our social media. All of your work, findings, documents, and presentation are part of your project portfolio and are ready to add to your resume and to qualify your work experience through the process. Are you in?