axa-1 cubesat

Overview: Our CubeSat mission will focus on sending commands to AXA-1 through brain signals from individuals on the ground to test the viability of operating and communicating with multiple vehicles in space at large distances using thought alone. The CubeSat will be split into seven main subsystems: 

Experiment team -  Creates the brain-computer interface (BCI) layout required to send commands to AXA-1 using brain signals.


Microcontroller team - Focuses on developing the onboard computer (OBC) that regulates all normal operations of the CubeSat.


ADCS team - Develops the attitude determination control system for the CubeSat to properly orientate itself in space.


Structures team - Designs, assembles, and tests the aluminum chassis of AXA-1 using software such as SolidWorks and Ansys. 


Power Supply team - Determines power source, storage, and distribution for all onboard systems. 


Communications team - Creates a reliable ground station to uplink brain signals and downlink telemetry data from our CubeSat. 

Step One: Watch these videos about CubeSats:
Step Two: Join the group chat:

After introducing yourself in the subsystem channel of your choice, a team lead from that subsystem will inform you on specific meeting dates, any research task that needs to be done, and how to stay involved. To join the Slack and start working, click the link below! ​


Slack Channel: Aerospace Experimental Association


Step Three (Optional): Read our Standard Operating Procedures:
1. Read our Acronyms document 
2. Read our Project Management document
3. Read our Units document