axa-1 cubesat

Overview: The Aerospace Experimental Association is a student club at FAU developing a Cube Satellite called AXA-1. This satellite will collect data from distant stars to further research into using light to send large packets of data across space at light speed for communication. The CubeSat will be split into seven main subsystems: 
1. Experiment subsystem
2. Microcontroller subsystem
3. Communications subsystem
4. Attitude Determination and Control (ADCS) subsystem
5. Ground Station subsystem
6. Power Supply subsystem
7. Standards and Evaluations team
8. Structures subsystem
Step One: Watch these videos about CubeSats and our satellite experiment:
Step Two: Join the group chat:
1Add the Aerospace Experimental Association on CampusLabs
2. Create an account on Slack and join the group chat
3. Connect with your team lead and start working!
Step Three (Optional): Read our Standard Operating Procedures: 
1. Read our Chain of Command document
2. Read our Acronyms document 
3. Read our Project Management document
4. Read our Units document


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Diego Salvatierra: 561.289.9141

Stefano Ciccolella: 561.445.9931


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